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The CUMV Mammal Collection is one of the largest of New York mammals, and has a strong representation of eastern North America taxa, containing all species of land mammals in the region. With only a few exceptions, all the genera of land mammals in the United States and Canada are represented. The collections are largely the work of former professor William J. Hamilton, Jr. and his students. One hundred and two of the 136 families (Wilson & Reed 1993) are represented in the collection. Specimens are present from all continents except Antarctica and more than 100 countries. The collections are particularly strong in North American material. Strongest holdings in this region are from New York, New Jersey, Colorado, California, and Pennsylvania but 48 of the 50 US states and 10 of the Canadian Provinces and Territories are represented.

Data for specimens and tissues contained in the CUMV Mammal Collection can be searched via Arctos or VertNet.

For questions regarding the CUMV Mammal Collection please contact the Collection Manager.


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